How to resist European State Led Crackdown on Pro Palestinian Solidarity
How to resist European State Led Crackdown on Pro Palestinian Solidarity 
  • Tuesday 12 Dec 2023
  • 7:00PM (GMT)


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What this is about ...

The State led crackdown on Pro Palestinian solidarity in Europe has reached the point where simply carrying a Palestinian flag or wearing a badge leads to sanctions, anti-genocide protesters are constantly harassed in order to stop the overwhelming support for the Palestinians. 

Survivors and experts from all over Europe have come together to speak on this critical issue. The conference will expose state led repression on pro Palestinian support and discuss how we can overcome them and challenge the ongoing genocide in Gaza, working towards a free Palestine.

Zaid Abdulnasser, Samidoun:

Zaid is a former coordinator of Samidoun Germany, an international network of organisers and activists working to build solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in their struggle for freedom. Zaid is a Palestinian refugee from Syria living in Berlin. He’s currently threatened with deportation from Germany for his political work. 
Amanj Aziz, Insan

Aman is the Founder of Insan, the Institute for Social Analysis, a Swedish NGO that aims to produce reports, analyses and compilations on racism and especially Islamophobia, and to promote popular education in the same area through discussions, lectures, courses and study circles.
Maria De Cartena, Perspectives Musulmanes

Maria is a legal and policy Adviser at Perpectives Musulmanes, a french organisation at the service of the community, with the aim of defending its autonomy and promoting an assertive Muslim subjectivity.
Amani Hassani, CEDA

Amani is a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow at Brunel University and an activist at Center for Muslim Rights in Denmark. Her current research looks at racism/Islamophobia and housing politics in Denmark. She has written widely on racialisation, Islamophobia and Muslim experience in academic and public domains.
Zoe Darling, CAGE

Zoe is a caseworker at CAGE, where she supports individuals in the UK to understand and assert their rights in the face of repressive laws and policies arising from the ‘War on Terror’. She was called to the Bar of England and Wales in March 2023.
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